Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter sunshine - get your top off!

Fiddling on the roof
The difficulty in trying to mend a roof that leaks like a proverbial sieve is predicting a reasonably settled spell of weather to allow us time to fix it. So, after checking out the weather forecast for the next week or so we've taken a gamble and set to work. Fingers crossed for the glorious weather to continue, so far so good and hopefully an end to staff & customers alike tripping over buckets & basins every time we get a heavy downpour - not that rains that often in Glencoe!. 

Glencoe's lastest 'Munro' in the making

Easter holidays coupled with glorious weather in Glencoe means lots of thirsty visitors at Clachaig. We recently added a selection of traditional lagers from WEST Beer to compliment our extensive range of cask ales and they're going down really well - too well in fact and the empties are starting to pile up. I expect they'll eventually come and collect the empty barrels when they notice they've none left to fill for our next order!

Lashings of ginger beer.....Enid!

New for Easter is a cheeky wee ginger beer from those clever chaps at Williams Bros. We love it and at 3.8% ABV it is refreshingly, eh!.. ginger, so we think you'll love it too. That'll teach those cads at Crabbies!

See you at the bar folks.....unless you're all too busy with the Royal wedding of course.

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