Thursday, 26 January 2012

Clachaig 1968

I won't be telling you how old I was in 1968, but have you ever wondered what the Boots Bar looked like back then?

Well these photos aren't really going to answer that for you but they do show that then as of now, it was full of merry makers enjoying the craic and a beer.

Many thanks to Jim who sent these in having seen the photos we posted of the newly refurbed bar.

Looking at photographs of the new bar made me think back to my first visit to the Clachaig in the sixties, different building then with electricity curtsy of a diesel generator which was switched off at 11.00pm (the bars closed at 10.00pm). The bar was what became a store room after the new bar was built in the seventies, one of the main differences however was the fact that there was no organised band with many bringing along their own instruments. Enclosed two photographs from 1968 taken in the bar.
I visited again in March of this year and stayed over night, good to see there is still a great friendly atmosphere throughout the hotel.

Nice to know that some things in life can be relied upon to stay the same.

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