Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Top Bomby!

I've been going for walks at Inchree for as long as I can remember. Located halfway between Glencoe and Fort William, and being just off the A82 it's a great place to go and get a breath of fresh air, take in the views and stretch the legs.

Looking back down the gorge at Inchree on a perfect October day.

There's a couple of paths set out by the Forestry Commission, the most popular one taking you along and above the canyon. There's a couple of viewing platforms from where you can get a bird's eye view of the river cascading down the tiers of waterfalls beneath. It's a magical spot, with the views to the sea loch and the distant mountains behind. How many times have I stood there looking down into that river!

'Slot and drop'. Getting to grips with the canyon.

Curiosity eventually gets the better of me, and this river gorge is no exception. It's taken a number of years, but eventually I took the plunge. Literally. And signed up with local activity company Vertical Descents for a closer look, and some 'canyoning'.

The zip wire. Quite a buzz.

The descent down the canyon starts off fairly gently. With a qualified guide on hand, a wet suit and bouyancy aid proivided and fixed ropes in place it's a nice start to the new activity that's finding growing popularity with every year. A little bit of sliding down watery shutes, a jump into a pool and for the faint hearted or the more challenging obstacle, a bit of downclimbing into trhe depths of the gorge.

The Big Drop. Intimidating from the top, but the greatest feeling afterwards. 

However, there is the odd act of madness thrown in for good measure. The zip wire descent off a particularly big waterfall is just the best fun as you hurtle down into the pool below. And then there's the 'big one'. I have to admit that I had to take a deep breath and a short moment to find the courage to leep off the peaty ledge. But what a rush when it's done!

All in all, it was a blast. Highly recommended for anyone looking to try something a little more adventurous and a little different. For the brave, there's plenty of jumps to tackle. For the more timid, there's a guide on hand to keep you right, and should it feel like a step too far then there's always a chicken run to get you round a particular obstacle. Book your trip now!

Try this short video clip for some more of the action from Inchree falls with Vertical Descents

And next week I'm off with Vertical Descents again, this time to try some Coasteering. Can't wait!

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