Thursday, 8 December 2016

How hard can it be?

It's in use from early in the morning till late in the evening every day, all year round. Just quite how many feet pass over it every 24hrs doesn't bear thinking about. No wonder it was showing signs of wear after years of use and abuse. Time to replace the specialist vinyl floor covering the in the kitchen at Clachaig.

Clearing out
It'll be fine. I mean, just how hard can it be?

Out with the red

Well, first of all everything has to come out to be able to get at the floor itself. So where do we put the ovens, the hot cupboards, the fridges, chillers, work benches, dishwasher and sinks? And then how do we serve food while the kitchen has been emptied? And if we can't serve food, and we're a food business open 24/7, then how do we manage that?

Just one of the many challenges sent to try us.

Preparing the floor
Ready to put the vinyl down

New vinyl being laid


Whilst we we've been looking forward to a little quiet time at the the end of a very long season, it's been far from getting the feet up and chilling out. Instead, it's been a chaotic week of juggling. But we've done it. A few days of disruption, but we've now got a kitchen with a new floor and we're good to go with the food production again. Phew!
Still room looking bare.
In with the grey

Where does it all go?

And just to make life even more interesting, we replaced the carpet in the office too. Well, it had been there since 1970, er... something.

Has anyone seen my desk?

The clear desk policy needs reviewing

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