Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More Car Park Improvements

Ironically, we have just had some of the best autumn weather you could hope for and yet it was our quietest weekends of the year. Lots of snow on the hills, crisp clear days, a big yellow thing in the sky and barely anyone around to witness it. I blame Christmas myself; a couple of days in the year disrupts a good 2 months of trading.

The new enclosed area - the tarred access road will run from the road edge, past the dumper, to the road on the right.

Still, plenty of time to crack on with other jobs that we just don't get the time for during the rest of the year. Like phase 2 of the car park works here at Clachaig Inn. Visitors to Glencoe during 2009 can't help but have noticed that we now have a lovely big car park where once there was just a swamp.

A new sleeper wall parallel to the public road will partially enclose the lower car park

Wonderful improvement to both amenity and visual impact that it was, you still had to get through the original lower car park to get to it. Phase 2 will see more formal parking in the lower car park with an enclosed area, a tarred access road through to the aforementioned new car park, and a more informal area set aside for further parking which can also be used by larger vehicles.

More photos in due course.

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