Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lost Property?

I was out rescuing again the other night. A familiar story. A couple out on the Aonach Eagach and decided to descend to the glen from half way along. Got into the gully systems on the south face, had a bit of a scare and got on the mobile phone.

I think it might have been an orange sling at one point in time. 

With only minimal information to go to pin point their exact location we were sent up different bits of the hillside . I was tasked with the big boulder gully above Achnacon Farm. You can't miss it. Going up was tricky. 2 steps up 3 steps back. Everything's so mobile up there; I was glad that it wasn't pouring down. Anyway, Rescue 137 arrived, flew over my head, and quickly located the pair in the next gully to the west of me. Turning down the slope, the fun really started. Imagine scree running when some of the scree is as big as TV sets!

In amongst all the boulders I found a bit of climbing gear and I thought I'd see if the rightful owner want to reclaim it before I put in on ebay. I reckon I could get a few quid for it.

And speaking of mountaineering and stuff, here's the confirmed speakers for the 2011 Winter Experience Lectures. More on the What's On pages for February/March in due course as we confirm FebruaryFest and the winter programme.

Tuesday 1st February - Roger Wild
Tuesday 8th February - Roger Wild

Tuesday 15th February - Adele Pennington
Tuesday 22nd February - Adele Pennington

Tuesday 1st March - Tom Gilchrist
Tuesday 8th March - Tom Gilchrist

8pm Bidean Lounge and they are FREE!

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