Monday, 7 February 2011

Get Real!

Have you noticed our "Customer Promise"? Take a peek at our web site and you'll find it there beneath the business name. It's a kind of "Ronseal" message; it tells you what you're going to get; does what it says on the tin. You'll notice that it features heavily on the 'real'. That's because for the last, er 27 years (yikes!) it's been the driving motivation behind our business. Good, honest, straight up hospitality.

 Clachaig & Carriages

So why do we mention this now? Well, have just been looking at an invite to a trade dinner in London. Not really our thing, especially as it'd mean a day missed on the hills/slopes at this time of year. But in reading the running order for the evening at the swanky top class hotel we noticed that the proceedings end at 2am with "Carriages".

 Now we might be country bumpkins after a quarter of a decade in the glen, but do folk in London really go home at the end of the night in Carriages? Get Real!

Clachaig. Real People, Real Hospitality Real Craic. And if you can't be bothered walking to your tent at the end of the night, book a taxi!

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