Thursday, 3 February 2011

It's the little things that take the time

Finally, after what feels like months, our two and a half week simple refurbishment job is somewhere near what we might call complete. Despite getting off to a flying start, it was the little things that take so long to finish off. Even now we're still in need of a carpet repair and a couple of other details which are probably so small that you'd not notice them unless we told you. But being perfectionists...!

So here's a taster of the finished product. We think it's turned out rather well, and from the feedback so far, so do you!

 Room 6, Ossian Wing, Clachaig Inn, Glencoe

For a reminder of where we started from see our blog post from 8th December. And for plenty more pictures of the finished item, see the gallery pages on the Clachaig web site.

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