Monday, 12 November 2012

Clachaig - a license to thrill

So who's been to see Skyfall? The latest offering from James Bond seems to have pulled in a few good reviews and has rekindled the affection for 007 blockbusters. A long way from Goldfinger and his hat flinging sidekick Oddjob perhaps? But the apparent success of Skyfall should come as no surprise, as it does take James Bond back to his roots. Yes, left at the top of Glencoe and down the road into Glen Etive - the location of the former Fleming family estate.

Surprise Yourself TV ad  - looks familiar?

Last week I found myself in Glasgow. I'd already been in to Xscape and the newly refurbished Snow Factor, the slightly larger relation of Kinlochleven's Ice Factor. After fulfilling the commitments for the day, we popped back to Xscape and the late evening showing of Skyfall.

The preamble to the movie contains loads of adverts featuring Bond related products. Buy the watch, drive the car, smell like a tart in a boudoir,... all that sort of stuff. But as if to enforce Glencoe's credentials as a homeland for Bond, there amongst all the 007 marketing was Clachaig's (albeit fleeting) appearance. Ok, so it was part of VisitScotland's Surprise Yourself campaign, but it was definitely Clachaig!

Check it out for yourself on YouTube - and pay particular attention at about 47 seconds in.

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