Monday, 26 November 2012

One mo' week

This is it folks, the finishing line is a mere five days away when our wives, girlfriends and children can stop mocking our epic growth of facial hair! So far we have managed to rake in a whooping £780, which is ever so close to our target of the big £1,000.

 The next five days are when it really comes together; even the slow growers among us will have something fashionable to show off! But can we reach the target we set all those days ago when our top lips were as smooth as babies bottoms?

With the right amount of hard work, determination and luck; Yes we can!

Friday 30th Movember will be the last official night so we’re working on a fun little quiz to aid to our collection, and we’ll also be selling tickets for our big, ‘End of Movember’ weekend raffle. There’s also collection boxes situated on the bar as a wee helping hand, which will be totalled up after the weekend.

If you’re planning to be with us this weekend, we thank you for your commitment to our cause. If you’re not going to be here, you could still help us out over at with an online donation.

This has been a really fun month, or at least it seems to have been judging from the giggles coming from the female members of staff! As it comes to a close, all eyes are centring on our Christmas Party, the one you’re all invited to, on 14th December… You have heard about this one, yes?

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