Monday, 11 May 2009

Bealach Na Ba

So, remember the bit on Friday when I joked about snow and bike rides? Oh dear! Don't get fooled by the photo. That's how it should look according to the PR on the HandsOnEvents web site. It wasn't quite like that on Saturday.

It was an early rise to get up to Shieldaig in time for the 10.30am start. And it rained hard all the way. Driving down through Glen Shiel was more like winter than winter. Snow down to low levels and a howling wind to boot. The weather looked little better at the start line. Never before has it been so difficult to get out of the car and get on a bike.

The headwind and the lashing rain over the first leg was just the warm up for the climb itself. Once onto the ascent of the highest road pass in the UK, it turned to hail. And 50 minutes later crossing over the summit it was indeed snowing. Oh joy!

But come the village of Applecross, at the bottom of the most amazing few miles of road proving that moutain bikes go downhill much much faster than road bikes, the sun started to shine, the crowds cheered and the wind swung round to follow us. Life was sweet again!

A great event. A lovely part of the world. Get on your bike and go see it!

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Anonymous said...

Well done! Better than I'd have done in those conditions!