Thursday, 28 May 2009

Did you win?

Did you win? Did you enter? Did you even know that we were offering goodies from the cupboard to the lucky winner of our trivial (shouldn't that be triva?) competition?

In answer to these questions...

If you did indeed win, then you'll know by now. Because we've been in touch with Eammon Lyons who was closest with his guess for the number of visitors that had in 2008. The answer was 100,552. We're currently raiding the cupboard and sending a pack of Clachaig branded mugs and fashion wear to Eamonn. Congratulations.

Did you enter? Well, you know the answer to that one too. We'll not name and shame but if some of your answers had been correct then I think we would have pulled the plug a long time since and called it a day. And with others, we'd be rivalling Facebook for net worth. Perhaps they meant 'hits' which seems to translate as some meaningless number somewhere in the millions each time someone visits a page. But thanks for making the effort anyway.

And were you even aware? You would have been if you had signed up to our eNews. You'll find the sign up box on each of our home pages. We only bug you once a month, sometimes not even that, and not only do you be the first in the know for all things 'Glencoe', we also offer some exclusive subscribers only deals.

More prizes and frivolity as soon as we can get around to it.

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