Friday, 8 May 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Yes, we're well into May and we're rapidly approaching the longest day of the year. And no surprise that the prevailing weather reminds me of, er..., well, Christmas. After 4 days of high winds and monsoon rain, its gone one better today, with snow down to quite low levels on the west face of Aonach Dubh.

Not good news for the BBC who were planning on taking a hike up Bidean today with Alan Hinkes, getting some footage for their new programme on the Munros. (They'll be in the Boots Bar with Nick Crane tomorrow looking for some 'baggers' to interview).

And not good news for me either, as I'm heading out on a Cycle Sportif ride over the highest road pass in Britain, the Bealach na Ba. Snow chains for bikes I wonder (and heated underpants for bike riders perhaps)? This neck of the woods up by Applecross has also just had a good airing on the telly with Monty Halls' programme. Funny, every time I saw it the sun was out.

Anyway, with the snow lying on the hills we thought that this would be a good opportunity to persuade you to book a self catering holiday in Glencoe this Christmas, when no doubt it'll be shorts weather and the sun will be out! See the web site for further details.

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