Friday, 19 February 2010

And the winner is...

Amidst shouts of boo, fix, con, etc... we announced the winner of our Name the Ale competition at last night's Beer Tasting Session led by the Isle of Skye Brewery.

And the winning name for our special ale brewed just for Clachaig's FebruaryFest is... Buach Ale, as submitted by Bar Manager, Jack, the man who set the competiton. Boo, fix, etc... All we can say is you had to be in it to win it!

We can't put our hands on the tasting notes at the moment but we think that there's strong overtone's of cheese in it. In fact, I think the exact words were, "see that name BuachAle, that's really cheesey that is!"

We have to agree, but it ust had to be done!

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