Friday, 5 February 2010

Ready and Waiting

Jack gets full marks for ensuring that the cellar was clear at the beginning of the week so that we could give it a good clean down and a sort out ready for FebruaryFest. Either excellent planning or seat of the pants stock management! We won't ask which.

FebruaryFest starts tonight!

The new Festival Banners are now braving a fresh easterly and tempting weary climbers into the Boots Bar. And the iconic yet missing sign is..., well, lets just say that Rome wasn't built in a day, and that when it was finally completed some considerable months overdue it was probably significantly over budget too!

Suffice to say, its progress.

So, apart from one of the banners that hasn't yet arrived (Monday morning, promise!) and perhaps an iconic sign, we'd say we were pretty much ready for FebruaryFest to get under way. Just as well really, as it starts in a couple of hours!

Monday morning. Minimal range of ales on Monday night!

Friday afternoon. Ready & Waiting

Hope to see you at FebruaryFest!

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