Friday, 26 February 2010

The most snow in all the world!

A wry smile appeared on my face last night as I caught the end of the Scottish regional news following the BBC's News at Ten. Apparently, Glencoe has had the most snow in the world in the last 24 hours. No word of a lie, that's what they said, and they said it again on BBC Radio Scotland when the alarm clock radio told me it was time to get out of my pit again. It was on the BBC, so it's true and it's official!

2pm today. Thawing low down. Some of the hillsides are bare,
but others, particularly leeward hollows and gullies are absolutely full.

As Chairman of the Glencoe & Loch Leven Marketing Association (brand new web site coming soon to!), I was wondering who our inside man at the Beeb might be. After all, with media coverage like this I need to say thanks. All is now revealed as the BBC's News web site runs with the story too.

No doubt about it, there's certainly been a lot of snow. I have again spent most of the morning digging out cars, chalets and paths, and from the ache in the base of my back I can tell you that it's deep. But it's also thawing at Clachaig level and very wet. Traffic seems to be flowing freely on the A82, all the way south, and the roads are clear.

The hills however,..! Skiing this weekend should be awesome, though the wind needs to ease. And anyone heading out to walk or climb needs to be super cautious about the snow conditions. Not only are slopes loaded, the new snow is lying on a layer of hoar frost, and that's going to significantly increase the chances of avalanches, even on lower slopes. Check the reports and do your route planning carefully!

So, with an improving forecast and the last days of FebruaryFest, it looks like a cracking weekend ahead.

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