Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What! No beer?

A wintry scene greeted us this morning when we pulled back the curtains. Snow showers through the course of the afternoon yesterday should have been sufficient warning, but we're so used to not having snow settle, plus we've already had more than our quota this year. So, a good couple of inches of the fresh white stuff came as a bit of surprise.

Beer, beer everywhere but not a drop to drink!

And, as is the British way, it caused its usual share of havoc. Our weekly beer delivery made it as far as the car park, and then things went horribly wrong!

Fortunately, we managed to blag some grit to keep in reserve (in lieu of the fact that it takes 3 days after a snowfall to see a gritter on the Clachaig road - yes, they do the village and the A82, but not the bit in the middle!) After much digging and thawing, the driver seemed so relieved to be back in a straight line again that he cleared off without delivering anything.

Cup of tea any one? Beer's off the menu! Fear not. There's plenty in the cellar.

A snowy Argentiere (Chamonix Valley) main street last week

The way we seem to come unstuck at the first sign of a bit of wintry weather is in stark contrast to places such as the Chamonix Valley. The snowfall last week was measured in feet rather than inches, well metres actually, but it was another big one. And there's already several feet of lying snow already. Add to the that a temperature well into the minus teens (-14 degrees at Le Tour car park on Saturday morning) and yet we were still able to drive everywhere without any bother. That's winter tyres for you!

Anyway, it looks like there's been a bit of a thaw today, the road is clear and it looks great out there. Time to go!

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