Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Name the Beer

Okay folks, here’s something a bit different. Especially for our FebruaryFest Beer Festival, we have commissioned the Isle of Skye Brewery to brew a special ale, exclusive to Clachaig.

The beer is great, as you would of course expect. It’s a lovely sessionable deep amber coloured beer, 4.2% combining lovely smooth malty flavours with a light hopping to make a perfect pint for those cold February evenings at Clachaig.

The problem is, we need is a name for this new brew, and that’s where you folks come in.

We have a few ideas ourselves but if anybody can come up with a suitable name, preferably something funny (in good taste of course) and/or specific to the area then we will award them an amazing prize of a £10 Clachaig Inn Gift Voucher. Quite literally, beer vouchers! Get thinking!!


Corzi said...

Chancing Ail

(Anagram of Clachaig Inn)


Clachaig Blogger said...

Very good. But is it a winner? Results announced at the Isle of Skye Beer Tasting Session on Thursday 18th February.

Unknown said...

Glachaig Gully Gulp