Tuesday, 19 October 2010

All that Glitters

Captured by Clachaig's very own resident mountain man Alex Roddie this afternoon.
If ever you needed proof of the 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow then the above picture is surely a sign.

Alex & the rest of the team are on hand to serve up a warm welcome to our Octoberfest, complete with roaring fires, the finest selection of cask ales this side of the equator, whisky & ale tastings, unrivaled live music & an activity programme to keep everyone occupied.

Our festival is running until Sunday 31st October so come along for a pot of gold-en ale....just follow the sign.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

A bicycle built for 6

Here’s something that you don’t see every day – a bicycle made for 6.

These guys stayed over at Clachaig on Sunday night, during their fundraising John O’Groats to Lands End charity ride. We see plenty of ‘end to end’ers during the course of the season, but we have to say that this is probably one of the more memorable groups to pass by.

Being bike fans ourselves, we were rather taken with the details of the bike. But so many questions...
  • Riding a tandem is hard enough but when there’s six of you all working together..?

  • How big (or a little) a bump does it have to be before it bottoms out? We’re guessing that at 17 feet long off roading isn’t going to be that easy.

  • What’s it like when the guy at the front has the front brake and the guy at the back has the back brake, and you’re hurtling down a steep incline towards a hairpin bend? And what’s it like when you’re sat in the middle and have neither brake?

  • And just how fast could a hand picked half dozen of the strongest legs from the local bike club complete a 10 mile time trial on it? Assuming no up hills and no dead turns, that is.

  • Just how much torque is there through the axles when you’re braking for 6?
And even more remarkable is the fact that the bike can be configured for 3, 4, 5 or 6 to ride. Groovy! See the Saddle Row web site for more.

The ride aims to raise money for a variety of 6 cancer related charities and we’re sure that they’d welcome any donations you’d care to send their way.

Good luck chaps!