Monday, 26 November 2012

One mo' week

This is it folks, the finishing line is a mere five days away when our wives, girlfriends and children can stop mocking our epic growth of facial hair! So far we have managed to rake in a whooping £780, which is ever so close to our target of the big £1,000.

 The next five days are when it really comes together; even the slow growers among us will have something fashionable to show off! But can we reach the target we set all those days ago when our top lips were as smooth as babies bottoms?

With the right amount of hard work, determination and luck; Yes we can!

Friday 30th Movember will be the last official night so we’re working on a fun little quiz to aid to our collection, and we’ll also be selling tickets for our big, ‘End of Movember’ weekend raffle. There’s also collection boxes situated on the bar as a wee helping hand, which will be totalled up after the weekend.

If you’re planning to be with us this weekend, we thank you for your commitment to our cause. If you’re not going to be here, you could still help us out over at with an online donation.

This has been a really fun month, or at least it seems to have been judging from the giggles coming from the female members of staff! As it comes to a close, all eyes are centring on our Christmas Party, the one you’re all invited to, on 14th December… You have heard about this one, yes?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Clachaig - a license to thrill

So who's been to see Skyfall? The latest offering from James Bond seems to have pulled in a few good reviews and has rekindled the affection for 007 blockbusters. A long way from Goldfinger and his hat flinging sidekick Oddjob perhaps? But the apparent success of Skyfall should come as no surprise, as it does take James Bond back to his roots. Yes, left at the top of Glencoe and down the road into Glen Etive - the location of the former Fleming family estate.

Surprise Yourself TV ad  - looks familiar?

Last week I found myself in Glasgow. I'd already been in to Xscape and the newly refurbished Snow Factor, the slightly larger relation of Kinlochleven's Ice Factor. After fulfilling the commitments for the day, we popped back to Xscape and the late evening showing of Skyfall.

The preamble to the movie contains loads of adverts featuring Bond related products. Buy the watch, drive the car, smell like a tart in a boudoir,... all that sort of stuff. But as if to enforce Glencoe's credentials as a homeland for Bond, there amongst all the 007 marketing was Clachaig's (albeit fleeting) appearance. Ok, so it was part of VisitScotland's Surprise Yourself campaign, but it was definitely Clachaig!

Check it out for yourself on YouTube - and pay particular attention at about 47 seconds in.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Movember - a flying start!

The candles within the pumpkins are extinguished and the dried blood has been washed from our faces. Now it’s the morning after and you’re no doubt collecting your bearings after another great Saturday night and of course the closing of Octoberfest.

The Clachaig Team on Saturday night - a grim bunch

It’s been a really good few weeks full of high spirits and entertainment and we hope you’ve enjoyed sampling our widely caught range of real ales, and kept a record of which ones you had, which ones you missed and which ones you’re determined to grab hold of next time.

For us it’s the time of year now to bring out the clothes and chemicals located in one of the cupboards somewhere right next to the elbow grease and get to work on putting a new shine on our surroundings, ready for the extravaganza that is Christmas and Hogmanay.

In case you’ve forgotten, there is a very special HogRoast evening taking place on 14th December, which will be admission via ticket so I’ll advise you to locate one as soon as possible. And then of course Hogmanay weekend is looking to be one for the history books, especially with Kinky Karma booked for the big night of the 31st.

 The Captain

A big thanks from the captain of our Movember team, Stuart Price, too. The raffle we held last night in aid of men’s health raised a total of £150 to the cause. Added to what we’ve raised so far, and we’re currently on a £513 total already. Which is an amazing amount for four days, and terrifically humbling. If you’d like to join our team over then we’re giving away a Henri Lloyd stow bag for whoever raises the most.

Once again, thank you for your visit during Octoberfest and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Glen as soon as possible!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Movember is here!

Since nothing is as scary as a Doctor with massive fingers about to check your prostate, we here at Clachaig Inn have decided to tie in our efforts for Movember in to a little Halloween night of our own. 

On Saturday 3rd of November we’ll be having a wee dress up behind the bar and we encourage you guys to join in too; who knows you might even end up with some sort of freebie if you’re that good!

During the night we’re also doing a bit of a raffle for your chance to win some official Clachaig Propaganda. So you lucky winners can go home looking highly fashionable in a Clachaig t-shirt, and our funding for Movember can continue to build.

We hope you help us out through the month but just in case we don’t see you guys feel free to make a donation at

You can even join our team, and whoever raises the most money will receive a fantastic Henry Lloyd stow bag, courtesy of Benromach Malt Whisky, ideal for those trips away to Glencoe.