Monday, 3 September 2012

July's competition entries

In July's edition of our eNews we offered a prize of assorted Clachaig goodies. All that was required to win was an email telling us why yours was the most deserving case in just one sentence. As usual, we were overwhelmed by the number of responses, and choosing a winner turned into a tough job. Here's a few of the highlights.

·         I sweat a lot and could do with a new T-shirt. (Mmm, nice!)

·         This is the last chance saloon for me , you've got to gimme a break ,I'm a three time loser, I  ain't never won nuffin in my whole miserable life, you could change things for me, I could start

·         a whole new existance wearing my new t-shirt, I'm feeling more positive already just thinking about it. Don't let me down now. (Emotional blackmail?)

·         I'm a fully fledged Clachaiger, wha loves Clachaigin it in the Clachaig, aw year roond..! 

·         I would love to win all the goodies from this month’s prize fund so that I can wear everything at once and turn myself into a mobile advertising hoarding, spreading the good word from the most fantastic place on earth.

·         I'll be back once again this weekend - camping at the Red Squirrel. But mainly because I know how to appreciate the Clachaig and the bar staff properly. At the last beer festival I was at there I managed to sample each beer on the list! Next time I will drink half pints though ;)  (Alas, more than one sentence!)

·         I don't have any memorabilia of my favourite Scottish Inn. (Get on and buy some!)

·         I am Scottish and my girlfriend is American, she loves my Scottishness and everything about Scotland and it would be a great gift for her to show off to all her American family and friends.

·         I think I'm the deserving winner of the prize because we stayed at the Oak Tree Lodge in summer 2009 and on the one hand the shirts will remind us to come back again but on the other hand Clachaig would get international promotion for an unbeatable low price as well. (Nice, international advertsing. Like that idea!)

·         I deserve this month's prize because "it's probably the best prize in the world" (and also because I need something to keep me going until my next visit to the Great Glen!). (Surely that should be greatest glen, as the great glen is somewhere entirely different!)

·         I would look SO good in this! (Succinct. No waffle. Like it.)

·         As a philosopher, I could quibble about what it might mean to "deserve" the prize from Clachaig this week, but getting down to brass tacks I'd love to have a whiskey-drinking shirt to finish off my bottle of Clachaig malt that I brought home with me a few weeks ago to NY, and another shirt to wear to spread the joy, and the buff because I wear them ALL THE TIME! 
·         For the best advertising and world wide reach south of the border for your wonderful Inn and Self catering cabins  (coming back yet again this New Year - 4th time with even more friends)  - using the slogan to carry your message  "The body where other bodies don't reach".

·         "Last year my husband was cycling and I was on my mobility scooter on our way from Glencoe village to the Clachaig Inn and almost there when my mobility scooter broke down and refused to move and I had to wait for him to cycle back to where we were staying to get our car to come and rescue me, so when I make this journey again in September this year I would love to arrive wearing your T-shirt."

·         Just wearing a Clachaig sweat shirt will give me so much kudos  among my mates
·         I deserve this prize so I can walk around County Mayo in the Buff and tell anyone who stares in admiration that they can go to The Clachaig Inn if they want to look as good as me. 

·         I deserve it, cause i'm sitting in my office in munich right now, weather is perfect scottish and i need something to help me over the next 10 month before i'm back in the wee bit hills and glens.

·         Been to the Clachiag inn for the past 3 years now, food expensive, beer crap, hospitality even worse that's gotta be worth the prize in compensation alone.  (Gutsy! Going for the anti-approach. Like it!)

·         I visited Clachaig during the ‘sixties as a young lad, many a great evening with an atmosphere you could cut with a sgian dubh! Travelled the world since then, now living in the farthest part of the Czech republic on the Polish border.  But that doesn't stop me from getting on my bike, (well car, ferry and a long drive) at least once a year to return for the best beer, service, best staff and the best view from the garden in the world.  Coming back in August with a few friends (Czech people), and our itinerary agreed is: stay in a cottage in Glencoe, catch a few fish for supper, ladies do a bit of shopping in Fort Bill, and the men adjourn to Claggy Aggy’s for a few falling down waters.  Heaven.  (Dedicated follower. Deserving case!)

·         My resistance has all but been broken by the missus, my favourite t-shirt is all but disintegrated and I am being forced to throw it out, so if you could consider me as a desperate case especially as our wonderful British summer is not as warm as it should be!

·         Due to my wife and children spending all my money I don't have enough for myself and if I don't win the T-Shirt etc I will be forced to come into boots bar topless, which at 57 and sporting a beer belly equivalent to 7 months pregnant is not a pretty sight!  :)

Because i live in wales and don't get to visit the Clachaig much.......and if that wasn't bad enough i'm on the verge of disproving the americans and becoming a merman to cope with all the rain we've had!Scotland and places such as Glencoe are like good morning coffee if you taste it ones, you want more and more!

Because I have seen the Clachaig boots bar renovated thrice over!Me, because I am utterly devastated to learn that mermaids do not officially exist and need cheering up. (Mermaids were topical when the competition was launched.)

 Because I'm not Bob Diamond. (Again, topical.)

Sorry, we haven't been able to list them all. It's been a highly entertaining break from the routine sorting through them all. The judges actually struggled to find an outright winner, and actually decided that there should also be a runner up prize. 

Runner up:

If I'm not wearing your Clachaig sweatshirt, or Clachaig t-shirt, I'll certainly be in the Buff.

And the winner is:
because if Carlsberg made pubs..they'd make them like this.. .. Clachaig you are the substance of my dreams & the bringer of both peace, excitement & endless smiles, not to mention awesome beer & wicked oasis in an otherwise mad world..truly magical..!!

Once again, a huge thanks for all your entries and your ongoing support of all things Clachaig.