Thursday, 28 July 2011

A bath with a view (and what a view!)

A bit out of left field this one, but this was a photograph that we thought was worth sharing, in a location that many of our readers have probably visited.

I must have been to the summit of Ben Nevis 50 times. I haven't counted them, but it's a reasonable guestimate. I've run the Ben Nevis Race 10 times now; my 11th is only a month or so away. And for each year I tend to average 3 training runs to the summit in advance of the race itself. So that's 4 a year for 10 years. Add to that the numerous other ascents including traverses in from the Carn Mor Dearg arrete and several winter routes back in the days when I did such things and it must add at least 10 more.

No wonder then that it's all very familiar up there. Even in a thick mist it's usually quite easy to tell where you are by the easily recognisable rocks and features. And this year I've found myself remarking on how the rocks on the path and the scree on the Red Burn have moved since last year, as each one is so familiar.

So what a breath of fresh air to discover something new on the very summit.

I'd met a couple of pals on the summit, as you do at 8.30pm on a Tuesday evening. They'd come up from the CMD and we quite literally arrived at the summit cairn at exactly the same time. It was all fairly quiet, very warm and perfectly still, so we sat and chatted a while. Another group arrived from the CMD with much drama about being dehydrated and I made the rather glib comment that they should visit the spring that lies close to the ruins of the observatory. Unsurprisingly, this led to disbelief that such a thing existed, and as I'd never seen it myself we went looking.

And there it is. There's a very evident path in the summit stones leading off towards the Steall side the mountain, zig-zagging down past the spring, and ending at the old holding tank. If it had been full of water, I would have been sat in it, enjoying the view, and preferably with a cold beer and some bubble bath.

It's not really surprising that a permanent building on the summit of the mountain would require some sort of nearby regular water supply. What is surprising is that the timber tank is still just sat there, 100 years on, exposed to the elements and the finest weather the Scottish climate can throw at it.

And what a night it was too! What a pleasure to be up there.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Ales for males & females!

clearly the wrong glass girls!

We do try and keep up with current trends and this interesting article from the The Publicans Morning Advertiser caught our eye this week  Whilst traditionally our clientèle at Clachaig tends to be of the hairy male climbing variety we have noticed (over the last 100 years or so) that Ladies too enjoy a walk in the hills followed by a wee refreshment. Regular visitors will have noticed our new Clachaig beer glass which is perfect for the lady who quaffs.

The marketing departments at the brewing giants have been trying to 'innovate' new drinks for our female companions for years so not sure what her indoors - who enjoys a pint or two - will make of  Kristy McCready of Molson Coors who told the Mail on Sunday: “The perception is that beer is a laddish drink so Animee will be more sophisticated and playful.”  Can't wait to see how that statement translates on a Saturday night in the Boots bar.

a proper beer glass

Good luck with that one Coors, although I know a few lads who would benefit from the new beer, billed as “bloat-resistant” it is less gassy and lighter than most beers......

 .......pardon me!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm a lumberjack & I'm OK!

Nice bit of firewood there!
It seems that even here in peaceful Glencoe we're not immune to a bit of serious phone hacking.
Luckily this particular bit of 'hacking' is all part of BT's grand plan to upgrade the telephone poles along the back road between the village and Clachaig


Not before time if you ask me, most of them lean further to the left than Ken Livingstone. However, we're pleased to report that work is progressing well with no disruption to our phone lines so far....

Hello!....Hello!...anyone there?