Tuesday, 9 July 2013

On horseback to Castle Arghhh...

Recently we reported about our staff canyoning adventures courtesy of Vertical Descents. Much fun was had and we were definitely inspired to advise guests of what to do in the area if you don’t want to trudge up a hill. And as we want to provide great service, we thought we had to apply ourselves and explore other activities too…, very selflessly, just to advise the guests of course…

As hard rocks and cold water are not every bodies cup of tea , Loes organised an activity of the equine variety at Lettershuna Riding Centre where she has her cheeky cob Charlie in livery.

In 4 small groups we headed off to Lettershuna in Appin where we mounted our trusted steeds to go for an hour long guided walk out on Appin Bay.

Timed to coincide with low tides the ride took us on to the beach and past Castle Stalker, with one ride being so lucky as to be able to cross behind it. This was a challenge for Jamie who did the guiding on foot and who’s wellies were about to fill up with salty water but we all a managed to come back with dry feet.

Most of the rides took place in walk with the odd trot, which was received with mixed responses,
seeing some colleagues ending up with both hands and knees on either side of their heads, some hanging on to the reins for dear life and others taking it all in their (fast) stride 

Feedback was that everybody had a great time and some are already planning rides in the near future.
If you want to enjoy a ride on Appin beach with one of these lovely ponies in the company of Jamie Craig, please contact Lettershuna Riding Centre.

Lettershuna Riding Centre is situated 20 miles north of Oban and 25 miles south of Fort William on the A828 opposite the Island of Shuna.

You can book a ½ hour ride (mostly used for the wee-est amongst us) at £20 pp, an hour ride at £30 pp or a 2 hour ride for the more experience riders who are comfortable with trot and canter at £50pp

Tel: 0845 806 0332  -
Outside UK Tel: +44 1631 730227 
or email them at info@lettershunaridingcentre.com