Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Two Inns Race

Saturday saw the first "Two Inns Fell Race", a fairly arduous 24km high level crossing between the Creagan Inn on the shores of Loch Creran, and Clachaig Inn, Glencoe. 37 hardy runners took on the challenge with finishing times varying between a little over 3 hours and 5 and a half hours.

 Originally suggested as a fund raising event for Oban & Glencoe Mountain Rescue Teams, the success of this years event looks set to lay the foundations for developing the run in the coming years. 

The race report can be read on the Scottish Hill Runners web site and there's a few photos from the event to be found on Facebook.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

More biking news from Glencoe Mountain

Regular readers will have realised that, in line with other ski centres across the globe, Glencoe Mountain are looking to mountain biking as a summer/non-skiing activity.

 Glencoe Mountain Bike Trail Map

We'll leave you to read the latest update from Glencoe Mountain copied below (you can subscribe on their web site to receive these direct). But we'll just add that with the potential expansion of trails such as the Weasel Track, and new events such as the Macavalanche in the pipeline, there's every reason to get rather excited about these new developments.

This from Glencoe Mountain...

Downhill Biking

The downhill track is currently being upgraded with new jumps and features on the top section and some modifications to the bottom including a widening of the finish area to allow for overtaking in the finishing area.

Our KONA Stinky downhill bikes have at last arrived (only 3 months late). So if you don't have your own kit or don't want to bring it we have everything you need - goggles, gloves, full face helmets and body armour all for hire.

XC Biking

Some work on the Weasel track has been done so that those who prefer downhill XC biking can follow a rough 4km trail from the top of the chair down to the car park. This is a very rough trail which rides well in the dry but is still a little (or very) swampy when it's wet. Feed back on this trail has been mixed. From "brilliant old school XC mountain biking", "great fun" to "bl**** awful". The differences in view seem to be a combination of expectation and different weather conditions.

This is not a nicely manicured trail it is very rough and it is guaranteed you will get wet and muddy if you choose to ride it.

You may only have a few more months to try this trail in it's current state because we are currently applying for funding to get the track upgraded to a wide blue trail making it accessible to all standards of riders.

At the moment we would only suggest riding the track if you are comfortable riding red downhill trails. It can be ridden on a hard tail bike but it is more fun on a downhill bike.

We have a whole fleet of Kona Cindercone XC+ bikes for hire at the centre so if you want to bring a group up to try the weasel track or one of the more gentle, plateau or valley bottom trails then please phone Angela on 01855 851226 to check availability.

Downhill events

The next event at Glencoe is "Wild and Dialled" on the 4th and 5th of Sept. We are still accepting entries for this event so if you want to enter or just want more details just go to the link at the bottom of the page.

This will be an awesome spectator event so if you have nothing planned for the 4th and 5th of Sept come along and see some of the top riders in the country take on one of the toughest tracks in the UK. Spills and thrills are guaranteed.

See you at the centre soon.

P.S We are planning a ski/snowboard car boot sale at the centre on the 7th Nov. More details very soon.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

You're Nicked!

Can you guess what it is yet?

To be honest  we don't get out much during the peak season, however, on a recent visit to the Claymore filling station we noticed something conspicuous by it's absence not to mention a new 'view'.

Can you tell what's missing from the pic above?.......locals & regular visitors to Glencoe will have spotted that the police station is no more. But a word of warning to any hoodlums out there contemplating a crime spree - a new one is being built and the foundations are already in place.

Now move along please, there's nothing to see here!