Monday, 13 January 2014

On Horses For Horses

If you've visited Clachaig in the last 7 years then chances are that you'll have encountered Loes, our horse-mad Assistant Manager. She's that horse mad that she's now taking over our Glencoe blog with horses. Here's a few words from Loes on her latest fundraising venture - for horses, of course.


On Horses for Horses was started late Spring 2011 by me (It’s a one man band)

Inspired by people sailing, walking or cycling across the word, but knowing I was not in a position to do so with my cob Charlie I decided it was a good idea to come up with similar challenge around the world but make it about team work and a team effort.

The aim is to get as many people possible to join and ride out and raise money via personal donations or sponsorship for the charity World Horse Welfare. We will do this until we reach a combined 24906 miles.

Once we reach that goal no doubt other challenges will be set. I have already started a project to raise money to buy and donate an ozone blanket for Highveld Horse Care unit in South Africa - to help combat Africa Horse Sickness in Africa with more projects in the pipe line.

To donate to World Horse Welfare via this initiative you can use the Justgiving link

More information (blogs, video, photos and a forum) can be found on

If you want to help raise money for the ozone blanket and want more information about it you can contact me via the contact form on the website (We need another £700)

In the February issue of Scottish Field there is a 2 page spread on On Horses For Horses with a little more information about my horsey back ground and explaining what On Horses For Horses is.