Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Slowly slowly catchy monkey

The end of September already, which all things considered is a bit shocking considering that our big plans for giving Clachaig a makeover are due to get under way in a matter of a few weeks. However, whilst it does seem to be getting ever closer, and there seems to be many unanswered questions, we're actually more organised than we might let on. We hope!

Only highly skilled trained professionals will be employed on the refurbishment

Today should see a big milestone passed, as it's the deadline for the return of tenders. The day we find out how much it all might cost, assuming of course, that we remembered to write down everything we wanted in the tender documents.

Who remembers this? Is it time for a return of the piano to the Boots Bar?

Once the returns have been collated we get just a few brief days to go through them, analyse the detail, and check the piggy bank. By the end of next week we hope to be in a position to award a contract. From then on, there's just 3 weeks lead time allowed. Once Octoberfest closing night is done and dusted, the works begin.

Refurbishing is a subtle and tender process requiring great precision and skill.

With the Boots Bar, Bidean Lounge Bar and the Breakfast/Dining Room on our hit list, we're planning to  phase the work in 3 different stages. November into December is a quiet time of year for us, but we still tick over, and can still manage some fairly busy weekends. By phasing the work, we hope to ensure that we'll be open throughout, offering our usual hospitality, and be able to feed and water our customers right up to our traditional 3 day closure for Christmas Eve.

Rae and her temporary Lounge Bar may well be making a long overdue comeback!

The plan is:

Week commencing Monday 31st October.
Dining room works commence, with a target reopening of Friday 11th November. during this period we will serve breakfasts in the Bidean Lounge Bar. The bars will be unaffected.

Week commencing Monday 14th November.
Boots Bar works commence, with a target for reopening of Friday 2nd December. During this period the action will move to the Bidean Lounge Bar, with additional dining space being available in our swanky new dining room. Breakfast service will revert back to the dining room.

Week commencing Monday 5th December
Bidean Lounge Bar works commence, with a target reopening of Friday 16th December. During this period the swanky new Boots Bar will no doubt be the big draw, and, as a result, few will care that the Lounge Bar is closed. The swanky new restaurant will be available for breakfasts, and will also be available for any families with children who are unable to use the age restricted Boots Bar.

It's a 'fluid' plan. It could change at any time. It could just vary only slightly. Who knows!  If one area isn't finished, the next one won't start, as we don't really want the builders in over Christmas. We'll endeavour to keep our customers up to date throughout (Facebook is the best place to get current information), and we will work hard to ensure that the impact on our customers is kept to an absolute minimum.

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