Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring is in the air - What's in a name?

Just as the Easter break comes to the end the weather finally decides to brighten up, the daffodils sprout through the snow and lambs are popping out all over the place. Ah! Spring is in the air and that can only mean one! well, two things then, if you include our Spring beer festival, Mayfest.

Our male staff are especially looking forward to it (Mayfest that is!) if the newspapers are to be believed. The Independent & the Telegraph (therefore it must be true) recently carried two separate articles about the fairer sex discovering cask ale. Now we occasionally raise our heads from deep beneath the sand and are aware of the current industry trends but this is surely not news. We've been serving the 'ladies' with cask ale for years without any fanfare.

However, Annabel Smith, Britain's first and only female Cask Marque beer inspector says, ''if you want women to drink beer, whatever you do, don't call it "bitter". Try "brunette", "blonde" or "golden" instead, or mention "floral", "honey" and "caramel" flavours. "We've been brainwashed into thinking it's not right for anyone with heels and lipstick to drink beer,"
''So bring on the golden beers with names such as Organic Honey Dew, Waggledance or the award-winning Triple Chocoholic chocolate stout''

Anyone for a pint of Sheep Shagger, Lusty May or Dogs Bollocks then?