Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Warm & sunny - skiing anyone?

Can't see a cloud in the sky today. Again. A bit of good old high pressure has found the right place to sit for a few days, making it simply gorgeous. Warm (though getting cooler), clear, bright, quiet and midge free. And I'm stuck in the office again. Joy!

However, I'm easily distracted, and with emails the one just in from Glencoe Mountain, my sedentary status may well be short lived.

Still a great cover on the top of the mountain......

All upper runs still have an excellent cover of spring snow on a firm base. the forecast for the next few days is for an overnight frost which should firm up the snow and provide lovely skiing.

There are still many great off piste opportunities on the hill, including some great routes between the main basin T-bar and Rannoch Glades and there is still some great skiing to be enjoyed down the East ridge, and radio gulley (area around the Flypaper).

Middle runs are very sketchy now although it is still possible to get down Mugs alley as long as you don't mind a bit of combat skiing.

The plateau run and the low road are disappearing fast.

The Plateau Poma uptrack has had it's day. Transport to the Cliffhanger chair is now in the posh new Glencoe taxi. The very old bouncy Argo has been upgraded to a posh "new" Landrover Discovery.

The Poma uptrack is now available to ski back down at the end of the day.

The weather for the next couple of days is looking great. Don't forget the T-shirt, shades and suncream.

Adult day passes now only £20. (Juniors £15).


P.S We are still looking for more people to enter the MacMillan event on the 25th April.
Register for MacMillan Cancer Support Ski and Snowboard Summit Spectacular

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