Friday, 27 March 2009

£200 for Mountain Safety Initiatives

Ok, so the clocks may be about to go forward and the daffodils might be in full bloom, but its certainly looking very wintry on the mountains today. Some winter - with snow falling in October and still coming now that its nearly April.

So caution if you're heading out into the hills. Know the skills you need, be properly equipped and all that. But not an issue if you attended one of the Winter Experience Lectures at Clachaig during February and March.

The series is organised by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland and are provided free of charge. We've hosted the series every winter for time eternal - originally set up in the late 1980's by Peter Daynes and Andy Fanshawe who was the National Officer of the BMC at the time. We've always maintained that they should be free, if they are to connect with the folk who might most need to be aware of their content.

However, there is a cost associated with presenting the lectures, so we do tout for donations. The collections this year raised £200, which will go back to the MCofS, and used to help fund further mountain safety initiatives.

Roger Wild has recently stepped down from his post as Mountain Safety Officer, so contact the MCofS directly if you fancy a job in the mountains and helping to organise the Winter Experience Lectures in 2010!

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