Friday, 6 March 2009

From Glencoe to Bollywood

With winter refusing to let go we bid a fond farewell to ’Febfest’ and yet another hugely successful 3-week long beer festival.

A record number of customers & guests enjoyed our programme of ale & whisky tastings, live music, quiz nights and mountain safety lectures. Judging by the praise lavished on us by those in attendance, you could be forgiven for thinking our formula is a ‘piece of cake’, so spare a thought for our bar staff who handled, nurtured & lovingly presented over 50 Scottish cask ales during the festival.

Fastest off the taps being Cairngorms’ ‘Sheepshagger’ which disappeared at a speed of 18 gallons in under 3 hours, a rate of knots that even a Top Gear presenter would be proud of.

Surprisingly, the talking point of the festival wasn’t an unusual ale, a quirky band or even one of our renowned Highland Malts. Hot on the heels of Slumdog Millionaire and presented by Gerry Brown from Gordon & Macphail comes India’s first Malt whisky ‘Amrut’. Now before you scoff and pour scorn on their cheek in mimicking our ‘Uige Beatha’ or ‘water of life, it would be prudent to remember that the classic Indian dish Chicken Tikka Masala was actually created in Glasgow.

… next time you visit Clachaig, treat yourself to a wee dram of Amrut. You’ll find it on the shelf between Aberlour & Ardbeg…try it with our Haggis Vindaloo!


clair said...

fab weekend of the 7th March, were you in the bar listening to the live music, were you with two male friends? The girl with the blue stripey rugby shirt.

Clachaig Blogger said...

All part of the Clachaig 'Would like to meet..." service? Send in your photos!