Friday, 12 March 2010

On the write track!

Here at Clachaig we're fairly well versed on the events of the morning of 13th February 1692, so when a new member of our team announced she planned to use The Glencoe Massacre as the backdrop to her new book we were pretty impressed. Well a couple of years have passed, several dozen beer mats, napkins & waitress pads have been collated and our 'newby' has finally completed her magnum opus. "In Corrag, Susan Fletcher tells us the story of an epic historic event, of the difference a single heart can make – and how deep and lasting relationships that can come from the most unlikely places.”

We are all very proud of Sue and raise a glass - or two - to her literary success. However, as the saying goes 'life imitates art' Sue has sadly moved on to pastures new, leaving behind some great memories and many new friends. We all miss her cheery smile here at Clachaig and hope she'll return to write the sequel very soon.

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